The Baron

Ruler of the flying kingdom, Yamur.


As the Silver City and Northern Empire finished their treaty that would effectively end the Thousand Year War, they returned to their home. However, all the kingdoms in between the two were left in disarray and many people decided to take their chance at ruling by conquering neighboring areas.

This is where the Baron entered the memory of the people. Preferring not to reveal himself, he sent messengers to a number of towns on the western side of the Urat’s continent. The messages posted announced that these towns now belonged to the Baron. The messages were ignored and the fighting continued and so the Baron showed his full force: airships the size of castles.

No one had ever seen such a thing before and were unable to stop his fleets. The countries in the east quickly fell in line while those in the west maintained independence and found peace on their own terms.

The Baron maintains his home in the largest airship and many rumors surround him including the possibility of once belonging to the empire of the Silver City.

The Baron

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