Whatever gods belonged to Urat left long ago and few of the oldest races even remember their names. People have turned to their heroes of present and old to worship.

They Feywild and other planes have been shut off for centuries leaving many races trapped in this world. They have begrudgingly attempted to make their homes here.

For over a thousand years, war had spread across the continent leaving destruction in its midst.

Only two kingdoms truly prevailed: the shining Silver City and the dark Walled Nation.

Unfortunately, you haven’t been so lucky in life. Your home is the western lands which were largely left alone after the war due to their lack of wealth. The Commonwealth watches over itself with no royalty.

As the war lasted for so long, it left many people who had few skills other than fighting and those who were unfortunate enough to not belong to a kingdom were left to fend for themselves. Until someone came up with the idea of the Legionnaire Guild. People who need jobs done present their requests to the Guild and the Guild in return sends out requests for people to complete these bills.

The Balance